Buisness Booster

Immediate Change for Sustainable Success

Business Booster is an intensive program trying to achieve immediate change within your organisation and long-term growth.



Why Business Booster?

  1. Unique combination of immediate results and long term improvement.
  2. Don’t Wait for It To Rain, Be Proactive.
  3. Say It Clear, Say It Loud, Say It to Everyone. Make sure that all your employees are sharing the same values with you.
  4. Comprehensive program and focused solutions.
  5. Focusing on customer needs and your organisation ability to fulfill these needs.
  6. Building a long term relationship with your customers and clients and driving your organisation to maintain this relationship and utilize it wisely to achieve a sustainable success to your business.
  7. The Best profitable investment is the one you do it in your current business.

Benefits of Business Booster?

  • Developing Staff performance by enhancing their competency & increasing their satisfaction.
  • Increasing Sales volume by implementing effective marketing strategy and decreasing the missed opportunities.
  • Increasing Customer satisfaction by Enhancing the level of Service.


HR Services

Bridges of Right Communication and Employee Satisfaction

Ertiqa Consultancy provides the Human Resources consulting services and specially customized training programs to its valued. A resident expert from our firm will implement within your company, the latest human resource management practices, with a high level of international standards.

In today’s fast & competitive world, organization need cost reductions and time efficiencies and a cutting edge over their HR Strategies to earn better revenues and prove better service for their employees. Companies are required to focus more on their strategies and integrate effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. Simultaneously, there is to maximize the performance related to human resources by introducing “best practice” products or services.
To accomplish these objectives, need assessments are required to make recommendations for an action or corrective plan, and implementation of performance improvement or processes.

  • Boosting organizational performance with many strategic benefits like cost competitiveness and maintaining strategic HR focus.
  • Reduce the Human Resource Managing (HRM) cost base by identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs.
  • Identifying the inefficient Human Resources (HR) processes, practices and focus on performance.
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, communication of employees better as people come first.


  • Ertiqa Consultancy is one of the leading consultancy firm providing integrated solutions. We are aspired to deliver high quality, reliable, time efficient and cost competitive HR consultancy solutions to our valued customers.
  • Ertiqa Consultancy can reduce your HR budget while streamlining your business processes with HR functions.
  • Ertiqa Consultancy services allows you to focus more on your core business and utilizing our knowledge & experience to achieve continued and long-term growth through competent and motivated staff.


Ertiqa Consultancy provides comprehensive Human Resources Development services & solutions leading your organization to win-win situation with minimum gaining of Professional Management, through following services.

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Headhunting / Executive Search
  • Compensation & Benefits (C&B)
  • Payroll Services
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Organizational Charts
  • Job Descriptions, Grading, Job Classification,
  • Performance Management System
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Job Analysis and Job Evaluation
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Career Path & Succession Planning
  • Manpower Planning
  • HR Reporting
  • HR Audit
  • Trainings and Training Needs Assessments
  • Development Plans
  • Motivational Plans


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Qiyas Mystery Shopping

You Can’t MANAGE What you Don’t MEASURE

It is open secret that the results from customer feedback forms normally used to keep in touch with the customers’ views are not much reliable – only as few dissatisfied customer make complain. To ensure to obtain original customer feedback enabling the companies to ensure provision of quality customer services to their valued clients, we are providing the mystery shopping services.

It is important to note that the tangible elements of customer service such as delivery-as-promised aren’t too difficult to measure. It’s the intangible elements which are more tricky – but it’s these which are most important to your customers. Elements such as:

  • How the service they received compared with the service they expected.
  • How much they trust your’ employees services and your products.
  • How your customer compares the services with that of your competitors.
  • How much loyalty they feel towards you as a result of their transaction.
  • How much they feel you value them as a customer.
  • How much they feel they are treated like an individual person.


What Qiyas MS of Ertiqa:

A trained shopper visit’s the location on behalf of Ertiqa Consultancy and performs mystery shopping to benchmark current standards of service, to identify opportunities for improvement and prepare the visit report. Our trained mystery shopper visits’ the location and a general customer. During the stay each & every activity is observed in detail without giving any clue or hint to the concerned employees of being observed. The visit is conducted without any information to any employee.
The reason it is called Mystery Shopping is because our service checkers are required to carry out evaluations in an objective manner without drawing attention to themselves or causing attendants or assistants to treat them differently, or specially, compared to other customers. On the basis Mystery Shopping results we submit analysis to the management for better decision making.


Why Qiyas MS of Ertiqa

There are a range of other possible objectives including:

    • Compliance – are your staff complying with legal requirements?
    • Security – are your staff being honest about using the till, giving receipts, not pocketing cash, etc?
    • Standards – are your staff following company laid-down standards and procedures?
    • Incentives – we can help you identify staff who deserve a reward.
    • Competitor Monitor – we can benchmark you against competitors – by service, by price or both (within Market Research Society guidelines)
    • Benchmarking – we can benchmark your service against best-of-breed companies in their industries.
    • Training Needs Analysis – identifying weaknesses in the service chain which indicate a training need, and confirm afterwards how effective the training has been.
    • Continuous Improvement – we have techniques which provide you with an ideal basis for helping every branch or every staff member to strive towards excellence.


Tauzeef Recruitment Advisory Services

 The right person for the right job

Ertiqa Consultancy is providing highest professional standard of quality cost-effective, fast and easy recruitment advisory services to job seekers and business entities. We assist our valued clients for recruitment of efficient workers ranging from mainly Unskilled Labour/Helpers to Skilled Technicians (plumber, masson, electricians), sales, customer services categories which are sourced from our recruitment partners in Pakistan , India, Philippine and other countries as well.

We are also providing the headhunting services to our valued clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively hunt down and attract the most talented candidates from across the world. Our retained service process begins by better understanding your business, corporate culture and recruitment requirements. Our research team consists of highly skilled professionals with the unique ability to identify candidates within highly complex organisations. Our commitment ensures that our reach is global and our search efforts are fast, targeted and efficient. Our reputation is built on mutual trust and industry respect.

    • Quality of Candidates:

We provides the highest level of service: we proactively anticipate and respond to client needs and guarantee to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that meet your profile.

    • Quality and Commitment Ensured:

Our clients have confidence and trust when using our Retained Service because our guarantees ensure quality and commitment from all parties involved. We identify and target candidates from the cream of your competitors’ staff, persuading them as to why they should join your team. We never talk to unhappy candidates on the lookout, or persistent under performers under pressure to move.

    • Research Based

Whereas the industry norm relies heavily on database recruitment, the our research is focused and tailor made for each client and project. We continually update information on market sectors, competitor analysis and industry knowledge. Therefore we don’t need a database of disaffected individuals.


Hiring employees is considered as one of the painful processes. It is therefore considered useful of having these tasks, operations or processes performed by some third party instead of the company itself.
Through Tauzeef, we invest our time and efforts for finding the perfect candidate for your employment opportunity and ensure that you get the best caliber employees for the position at your desired package. We provide the clear & comprehensive reports of each candidate which illustrate & shed the light on strengths & weaknesses.


Finding the right people for your company, who are qualified, have requisite expertise with proven performance track records is an uphill task. The employment is outsourced to save time and certain avoidable costs as well. This practice is adopted to save time to focus on core business operations, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and a hassle free HR management


Ertiqa Consultancy provides talent acquisition services by completing the processes related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting, and hiring (or placing) employees. The following procedure is adopted for this purpose:

    • Collecting CVs for different channels,
    • Short-listing the applicants,
    • Testing the candidates with the following:

Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Customer Service Orientation, English placement, Behavioral and Personality Tests.

  • Interviewing the candidates,
  • Provide you the list of right candidates with our professional feedback.
  • Upon selection of right candidates, the placement process start’s from the client side.

Qiyas Customer Services

Easy Measurement, Smart Management

Every effective business focuses on creating and reinforcing their good experiences so that they might retain existing customers and add new ones.
Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential elements of customer retention, customer loyalty, and enhances the product repurchase. Customer Satisfaction can be evaluations post purchase and it reflects the satisfaction of the individual customer at the time of product or service delivery (or shortly thereafter). The customer satisfaction can also be measured through periodic survey and it provides an occasional snapshot of customer experiences, expectations and conducted for specific groups of consumers on a periodic basis.



Ertiqa Consultancy introduces Qiyas Customer Satisfaction surveying system. This Customer Feedback Solution is Easy to use, with Stylish hardware, Credible to be attached with company’s performance and Smart to generate actionable reports. Ertiqa Consultancy Utilizing our extensive experience in business development and the latest technology of iPad (and other tablets) to quantify, measure, track and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This Customer Feedback Solution is our commitment for continued growth of our valued customers to provide value added services to our clients for performing different kinds of surveys mainly:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Performance
  • Employee Competency

The customers’ satisfaction survey provides having the information of their customers’ satisfaction level regarding quality of the service and product including service attitude, product knowledge and service delivery timing, etc. It is a support tool in monitoring the staff performance and the quality of products and services.
The employee satisfaction survey provides having the information of your employees’ satisfaction while in your employment, etc. Customers / employees are required to rate satisfaction level by simply dragging the screen icons for quality of services and product through basic questions.

These surveys provide our valued clients the data to measure the quality of the services and product. To information will be helpful to the management to identify the gaps and can be utilized to increase the quality of services & products.

One of its distinctive features includes that it is simultaneously available in multi-languages i.e. English and Arabic.


Qiyas CS is the customer satisfaction surveying system; it helps you to build the customer relations in more advanced manner through modern technology and provides a helping hand to know the actual problem in your product or services deliveries.

It gives an opportunity to focus the actual issue and take suitable remedial measures and know your customers feeling and thinking about your their product and services. At the same time, it helps to let your customers know that “How much you care, your Customers” and improve the image of your company’s product / services and build customers trust upon you.

It provides you a hi-tech tool for performing customer satisfaction survey. Since, it is flexible it reduces your costs mainly involved in:

  • Designing and printing the paper cards,
  • Additional costs for arranging dedicated person for transforming data from papers and preparing reports,
  • Less chances of error as compared to surveying manually.
  • Immediate and online availability of latest reports
  • Access to customers valuable data for launching the future campaigns


Qiyas CS – the customer satisfaction surveying system is a state of the art hi-tech solution, available through computers including ipads/tablets, smart phones like iPhone, Galaxy, etc. It can be installed at suitable places like near the Cash Counter or near the Exit Door in different patterns.

Customers express their satisfaction level by simply dragging the screen icons for the specific question to participate in the survey. It provides you the data of the customers to measures the quality of the services and product and this information will be helpful for the management to identify the gaps and can also be utilized to increase the quality of services & products.

The technical team of Ertiqa Consultancy has ensured that that the system automatically compiles the survey data and transforms into useful information, which is presented in an easy-to-understand and available on-line. It has also been ensured that the data is stored on a secure server; the reports can only be accessed through password-protected account through the Manager’s Interface.


Qiyas CS comprises of mainly three (03) interfaces as following:

  • Customer’s Interface: This interface is the survey basic form, which appears on the tablet devices where the Customer is invited to give his/her Feedback at the Point of Experience.
  • Manager’s Interface: Enables you to view online & through smart phones the pulses of the survey through both short and detailed reports.
  • Backend Application: The core part of the software is managing flow of the data, receiving inputs from customer’s interface and then stores it in the database and make it ready in shape of reports to be viewed by Managers through Manager’s interface.

The system can be accessed through normal computers by login for Administrator for management only and there is link for Customers to express ratings and second for Company’s Manager through ipads/tablets, smart phones.

The Manager Interface is the main report viewing tool, which is user friendly and easy to understand and allows you to remotely manage all aspects of your survey campaign, eliminating the need for any onsite staff involvement. It provides forthwith reports of survey findings to help the management in better understanding what their customers feel and think about their product and services.

The Manager Interface, you have the liberty to delegate the access to some of the activities, thus in his absence can ensure monitoring of the system as well. The reports are very comprehensive but at the same time very easy to understand. The standard reports mainly include the following:

  • Summary
  • Overall Survey Finding
  • Each Question wise
  • Each Branch wise
  • Observations, Suggestions and Complaints

In addition, Ertiqa Consultancy can provide the special reports with detailed analysis of the data and suitable recommendations for specific measures to its valued clients as per their unique requirements. The report give is appropriate opportunity to our valued clients to better understand the customer satisfaction surveying results with the support SWOT and USP analyses.
These reports provide the main crux of the whole system. Our consultants are specialist of their fields, and can help to achieve the perfect solutions as per your specific business needs to refine your business and optimize the activities.