Establishing Cooperatives

The cooperative Societies is a very unique legal structure of business operation, bringing an adding value services to society.

We at Ertiqa are proud to help the founders of the cooperatives society to establish it from the scratch to operating.

Listing in the Financial Market

Listing the company in the financial market is a very important step in the company life cycle, it enable the founders to get the required funds for future expansions and to enjoy premium on their equity.
We at Ertiqa are pleased to help the company to be prepared to the listing process and to arrange for them the required Business Valuation, Business plan, Feasibility study with cooperation with the top professional international firms.

Arranging Finance

Money is the blood of any business operation, and arranging the required funds in the right time is what keep companies alive and operating.
We at Etiqa Consultancy are happy to help companies to prepare their documents and applications to obtain the required funds from the financial institutions or from other alternative financier.